Gonna get back into streaming. Gaming or Video Creation on my YouTube channel. 

Sub there if interested and enable notifications for when I’m live. 


Exorcist VR Part 1 to 4

Thrill of the fight - VR Boxing

Drunken  VR Fight

VR Vader Immortal

Friday the 13th (XBOX)

UFC 2 Online (XBOX)

Walking Dead Part 1 Online Stream Highlights

Johnno the roider GTA livestream highlights

Johnno the roider starts UFC career

Benjamin wants to be a Cowboy

Ben and Steffans WWE 2k19 commentary


Similar to gaming, I will randomly pop up from time to time on Facebook live or YouTube live for non gaming stuff. Things like song parody creation or dubs. Look out for the FB stories or tweets saying where I am. Sub to all my channels above for notifications

Below are some of the videos we have done on the livestreams. Thank you Dream Team for your contribution to the on the fly script! How it should be!