Hello my names Benjamin Llewellyn

“Hello my names Benjamin LLewellyn, people call me bellend for short” The famous words used in Valley Gump, Benjamin is still plagued by the bullies of his youth. One of them being Johnno! Younger brother to Blodwyn, this 30 year old man lives with his elder sister Blodwyn and nephew Trecco. Good at heart Benjamin is a little twp, (welsh term for a bit of a fool)

In the VoiceOver section I use Benjamins voice for any character I do that’s a bit dumb.

Most recently notable in the Ric Flair Covid sketch I did. 

One common misunderstanding some followers ask if he is mentally disabled? This is never my intention to mock the disabled. I think that’s pretty low to go there… My plan for Benjamin was a Welsh Homer Simpson type. Apologies if some have seen it another way.. I live and learn to improve with the character so his personality is more clear in time. Every day is a school day!

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